This is a meme-in-progress that we create together, please help to further it by sharing your thoughts in the discussion.

I had been musing to my friend Rob on my difficulty of finding the kinds of people that stimulate energetic exchange.  He offered:

Stop looking and do something that others will be attracted to.  Be a magnet.


While I was busy looking, I wasn’t emitting the vibe for others to hone in on. I consumed but wasn’t passing anything on.


Conceive a field of attractivity like gravity, but for information.

Gravity pushes outwards from the emitting body and has the effect of attraction.  Ideas or information flow outwards from the emitting body and also has the attracting effect.  In both cases, attraction spawns interplay / interference / interdependent cause and effect / co-reconfiguration / interlinking / interconnectedness.  Since each as these are now in deep interplay with the rest of the universe.  We’re all built of each other.  We’re all parts of a larger context. Or ultimately, one.

I would say that attraction is a continuum of interconnection-building. Going further, I’d say that it’s the axis of connectedness. The dimension of connectedness.

[how far above spacetime a dimension would this be?]

higher-dimensional web of interconnection

we exist in a deeply interwoven surround

energetic exchanges: To explore and exchange ideas and their patterns, in short: conceptions.  [Isn’t this what we do in every exchange?]

You know, the feedback loop you get into when you’re feeding off each other, both “on”, being affected while affecting.  exchange ideas and patterns

Resonating together

We say sometimes it just “clicks”.  A mutual attraction that’s like harmonics, resonating together.

We see the power of this idea in intensively attractive […] of the information exchange platforms like the Internet.  How do we communicate?  Through information.

Until just a moment ago on the scale of our development, we could only be influenced by and influence the environment geographically near

shortens the

extends the connection making from synaptic brain to all that people eccentrify.

Eccentrify.  I just made that up, but it resonates a concept I’m not sure there is already a word for.

To me, to be eccentric is to pluck from the best you know and emit it as a composite.  That in turn affects the next guy’s eccentric composite. And so on…

So I offer:

v. To participate in the meme flow

Upstream and downstream, it has a cohesiveness to it.  You could say it’s pseudo-organic.  Memes begin, reach the zenith of their energetisism and effect on others, and morph over time from distinct energies into their consequences on everything else.

Morphing and branching across time.

The meme is to the

hive mind

experience is

when you’re both “on”

stimulate drastic changes

changes in momentum

creative blasts


[What is reasoned attractivity?]