Extract from Organisium:

“At any given instant, all the beings of earth may be said to be symbionts; related and interdependent in arising, persisting, and in all living activity; comprising a wholism from which emerges a verifiable and concretely observable self-awareness, intention, cognition, and sentience, arising on a planetary scale. It is an awareness which is not only available to every living being here in some domain, but also forms, in a real sense, an aspect of the basic physical and cognitive structure of any living form which evolved or exists here.”

I believe that we are more importantly interconnected than separate.  But why limit ourselves to the planetary scale?  The universe→omniverse scale seems a more fitting extent for the context of wholism.  Being conscious of our co-symbiants doesn’t appear to be necessary for the symbiosis to exist.

The parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole.